The Perfect Doodle for Us!

We have an autistic son who has a close relationship with the mini-cockapoo we have. He also enjoyed the dog we just lost to cancer. Since our mini-cockapoo is getting up in age, we wanted to find a dog to replace the one we lost, but needed one that would work with our son.

Furry Doodles had the exact dog we needed! She’s (the boys named her Hazel) been a fabulous fit for our family. You can tell she’s interacted with people from day one. She happily follows whatever human who happens to be in the vicinity. Our mini-cockapoo does not even look for our other dog that passed away.

I can’t recommend Furry Doodles enough. We’ve owned different dogs throughout the years. We’ve worked with rescues and some from puppy mills. They’ve always created a unique challenge, esp. with a special needs child involved. We love Hazel. It’s like she was perfectly made for our family!

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