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At Furry Doodles we strive to provide quality, healthy, loving and happy puppies that will be ready to fit in with your family.  We do a variety of colors and sizes, ranging from minis to moyen sizes, to give you choices that suit your taste. All of our puppies will come up-to-date on vaccines and dewormers, a health check, a genetic health guarantee until they are one year old. We also microchip our puppies for your convenience, all you will need to do is get them registered to activate it.

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Furry Doodles,Goldendoodles, Mini Goldendoodles, Doodles


Our miniature f1b golden doodles are a smaller to mid sized dogs about 15 to 35 pounds.  Our moyan f1b golden doodles are about 35 to 50 pounds which makes the perfect size if you want something that’s not as small and yet not a big dog. All our moms are F1 mini or moyen goldendoodles, which means first generation goldendoodle, and our dads are mini or moyen poodles.  That makes our puppies a F1B mini or moyen goldendoodle which is better for less shedding and also for people with allergies. They are known for their affectionate nature and attentive behavior. These amazingly friendly and very intelligent puppies are a result of a cross between a golden retriever and a miniature and moyen poodle. They are adorable and look like a small fluffy teddy bear in appearance. The  goldendoodle has become very popular family puppies since they are great with children and incredibly loyal companion, they have the same energy and similar way of carrying themselves as a miniature poodle, as well as a gentle nature and temperament of a golden retriever. The goldendoodles love interacting with humans, they tend to trail behind their owners and just genuinely like to be in your presence. These little bundles of joy are cuddly and love to be paid attention to and shown affection to. Their high energy and silly, carefree nature make them a rather enjoyable puppy to watch and have around! Expand your family today with one of these furry and friendly golden doodles puppies or if you don’t see one that you like just email us and we will contact you with future litter updates. Make sure you leave your name, phone number and email address. We hope to hear from you soon!
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